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Bell Muffles

Shelley has designed and made sets of leather bell muffles for churches such as Waltham Abbey, London (read article here), St Mary's Church, Clapham, St Nicholas Church, Trellech, St Helena & St Mary Bourn in Cambridge,St Mary Magdalene, Nottingham and St Michaels Church Lyndhurst as well as single made-to-measure muffles as one off commissions. 

Made to measure leather bell muffle.
Set of made to measure leather bell muffles.

The muffles are made from quality 3.0mm - 3.5mm vegetable tanned leather, which will naturally mould to the shape of the clapper. A heavy weight 5.5mm leather is used for the pads to ensure they are durable and long lasting. The muffles fasten to the clapper shafts with heavy duty 1.5" velcro for convenience. To stop the clapper from slipping out of place when in use, the inside of the muffle and velcro straps are lined with a rubber gripping which gives it that extra bit of grip.

Full muffles sets are also available to order. The second muffle is detachable from the other side and has loops for the velcro or fastening to slot through  to join both sides together. 

Half muffles start at £40+vat plus postage and packaging.  

Full muffles, when purchased with both sides are discounted by 10%

 If you require muffles that do not fit the usual half or full muffle design, please be aware prices may vary to allow for the time for patterning.

Please send measurements of the circumference at the widest point of the clapper along with the circumference of the bar at the top and bottom as well as the height of the clapper. Please also send photos of the clappers to give an idea of the shape. Full muffles and half muffles are available to order, so please clarify which you require. 

If you would like to commission made-to-measure leather bell muffles, please head to the contact page to request a quote.

Without MufflesSt Mary's Church, Clappham
00:00 / 00:49
With Muffles St Mary's Church, Clappham
00:00 / 01:37

The bells in the audio are single chiming bells (meaning the bell is fixed in it's normal position and the clapper only comes in contact with the bell on one side), hence the full muffle effect. 

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